About us

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微影印記 4大服務範疇:

  1. 企業禮品
  2. 客製化禮品
  3. 電影/插畫授權商品
  4. 活動項目


Tiny Memory offers four main services:

  1. Corporate Gifts
  2. Customized Gifts
  3. Movie/Illustration Licensed Merchandise
  4. Event Items

Founded in Hong Kong, Tiny Memory specializes in producing personalized gifts. We are dedicated to providing outstanding personalized gift solutions for your company's internal or external events, enhancing your brand image, strengthening customer relationships, and boosting employee satisfaction. We offer a wide range of products, such as hoodies, eco-friendly bags, and insulated bottles. Whether for customer giveaways or event gifts, our excellent team of designers can ensure that the gifts align with your brand style according to your requirements. Additionally, we collaborate with experienced suppliers, rigorously controlling materials and production processes to ensure product quality and timely delivery. As a Hong Kong brand, we understand the importance of gifts in business events. Whether you need large-scale production or small orders, we are happy to provide services that add special memories to your events.